Student profile for Martin Tayler

Student number: 511655


Course version number: PH1aop010512

Age: 66

Occupation: school website editor and photographer

Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ancienprof/

Email: martintayler@hotmail.com

I trained as a French teacher at the City of Leeds College of Education from 1965-1968.

I taught French at Colston’s School, Bristol from September 1968 until July 2007. I was formerly Head of Modern Languages, Housemaster, Master i/c rugby, Master i/c cricket, Officer in CCF (Army and RAF), and a member of the school’s senior management team as Senior Tutor. I retired from teaching in July 2007 but am now the school photographer and webmaster for the school website www.colstons.bristol.sch.uk and a website for former pupils www.colstonsconnected.co.uk

I have a very wide interest in photography: I particularly enjoy sports photography but through my job I have the opportunity to take a range of photographs covering all aspects of the school life such as drama, music, charity events, formal functions including dinners, balls, and social events, formal team photos and promotional material for local newspapers and journals.

As a hobby I particularly like landscape photography and, what I would loosely describe as, street photography – an area which I would very much like to develop.

I enjoy reading photography books, magazines and journals.  I like visiting galleries and have a general interest in art.

I have no formal training as a photographer and so clearly some of my expectations of the course are to develop my professional work; however, my main reason for choosing this course is to give me an intellectual stimulus and to develop my artistic side.

I would like to work towards gaining a degree.

I use my Flickr account mainly to publish sets of photos from my schoolwork (which I then make links to on the website) but some of the sets are of a more private nature.

I have a blog (http://martintayler.blogspot.co.uk) , which I set up simply to embrace the technology but which is just of a personal nature and a blog of a trip to India and Bhutan (http://anciensprofs.wordpress.com).

I have Facebook and Twitter accounts mainly to promote the school’s interests and to keep in touch with younger alumni.

I am fairly confident with technology and for photography I use both Lightroom and Photoshop to process photographs.


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