Volunteering for Brisfest

Brisfest; A volunteer built celebration of Bristol culture, inspiring passion and creativity through a community festival showcasing Southwest talent from music and dance to cabaret and art.

I volunteered as a photographer for this two-day festival which took place on Saturday and Sunday 21st September and Sunday 22nd September. I thought the experience would be rewarding and provide me with some useful images for the current assignment on “Narrative and Illustration”.

I was unable to attend the media presentation on the previous day but had received three briefs in advance.

The briefs  Healing Areas & Workshops (follow link for briefs) , Sponsors, Traders & Small Venues-1 and Walkabouts, Street Acts & Spectacles were quite extensive and so I arranged to arrive early on the Saturday morning which allowed me time to do a recce ,  take photos of last-minute preparations and to engage with people working at the site before they were too busy.

The photos I took of the two days can be viewed on my Flickr sets for each day:



The whole experience was most rewarding but extremely tiring. I particularly enjoyed the way in which people related to me – I felt if I had been there without a camera I would have been more or less anonymous.

The light for most of the two days was most disappointing and I felt I needed to use flash rather a lot. However, because of the variety of art forms I had such a wealth of material to photograph.

I was so pleased with the results that I produced a 50 page photo book of the two days. I had great difficulty reducing the number of images I was to use to 50 pages – not surprising that I found it even more difficult to reduce that to 15 images for my narrative picture essay exercise in the section on “Narrative and Illustration”.


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