Reflection on how I have done in Part Four

Reflection on how I think I have done in Part Four

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills

I am pleased with the progress I have made in this unit. I have had to do much more research and used much more equipment than in previous units. Many of the techniques have been new to me and I feel I have managed to get to grips with them. 

Quality of Outcome – content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas

I feel I have eventually managed to present my work in my log in a coherent manner – it has taken a lot of work to create and reorganise the categories in the WordPress Blog

I have continued to read  a lot of  books and serious magazines on photography to widen my knowledge and experience and , in particular, have read appropriate books to support this unit. I feel I have made good reference to them in my log.

Demonstration of Creativity 
– imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice

This has been a huge leap forward and I have found that this unit has given me more opportunity to experiment and have a personal perspective in some of the exercises.

– reflection, research, critical thinking (learning log)

I have continued to put a lot of work into extending my knowledge of  photography and photographers by extensive reading and visits to galleries and have kept a regular log of this. In particular, with this unit on light, seeing other works (including other forms of media)  has helped me a lot.

This unit has been much more onerous than previous units but has been hugely enjoyable. Having more time has been essential and helped me to explore and produce a higher standard of work. Nonetheless, I am appreciative of the fact that I have been pushed to keep a good pace and to get well into the course.


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