Inspirational reading

I have read a number of books during this unit. Firstly I have read Susan Sontag’s series of essays “On Photography”Penguin Books 1979 which has convinced me that I am doing the right thing in studying this OCA course on Photography.

Three other books have been very inspirational. Firstly “Paris Mon Amour”  by Jean-Claude Gautrand Taschen 2004. There has been “something of a love affair between Paris and photography” which Gautrand recounts from 1839 through to the events of June 1968 and the book is beautifully illustrated with over 200 large size prints.

The second inspiration has been Museum Ludwig’ Cologne’s “20th Century Photography” Taschen 1996 which provides an “fascinating insight into the collection’s rich diversity: from conceptual art to abstraction to reportage, all of the major movements and genres are represented via a vast selection of the century’s most remarkable photographs” in alphabetical order.

The third book that has inspired me is Ian Lawson’s “From the land comes the cloth – A journey to the heart of the Hebrides” Ian Lawson Books 2013  which I discovered on my visit to the Outer Hebrides earlier this summer. Based on a commission from the Harris Tweed Lawson produces some amazing photographs that replicate the colours of the tweed.  There are over 400 pages in large format of text and photographs of Lawson’s visits to the Outer Hebrides – every page inspirational. His use of light is amazing. I wish I had seen this before my visit. I would love to produce something like this (on a smaller scale) of a region and its people – perhaps a region in France which I know so well.

Link to a preview of Lawson’s book with lots of sections from the book


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