Exercise Shiny surfaces (page 161)

I must confess that I did not have terrific success with this exercise despite spending many hours photographing and creating cones out of tracing paper. I realise now that I should have spent more time watching Blue Peter!

This was the first shiny surfaced object I tried to photograph. It didn’t really suite the exercise as it didn’t reflect the camera or the lights (not because I was very clever but because the surface was not shiny enough):

This was the same object photographed under the tracing paper cone:IMG_3189-Edit

I then chose this object which did reflect the camera which was set on a boom above the object:


This was my attempt to photograph the same object under a tracing paper cone. The cone was not big enough and let in reflections at the top and the lens is still clearly reflected :


I then photographed the same two objects (many times!) and the best I could achieve was with the same lighting set up but photographing at an angle and using a white board positioned above the object to stop any other reflections:


With this last object I needed to have photographed with a smaller aperture to achieve greater depth of field (which I didn’t do as I had dismantled all the background and lighting):



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