Assignment 4 Applying lighting techniques

Applying lighting techniques


I have chosen the following 2 photos to demonstrate shape. They both use rim lighting (which although the sun is fairly high I have achieved by photographing from below the object).

The first photo uses no flash and the second uses fill-in flash.




I have chosen this photo to demonstrate form. I have used studio lights (soft box and umbrella) both 1/4 in front and high up to accentuate the three dimensional look


I have chosen this photo as wanted to emphasize the object’s face and wanted to get rid of shadows. I have achieved this by using a black cutter to stop reflection from the soft box but left the flash from the umbrella full on the face.



I have chosen these two photos (nos 5 & 6) of my object to demonstrate texture. They were taken in fairly bright sun in a high position (this is demonstrated  – in no 5 – by the fly and its shadow which I have chosen to leave in my photo to demonstrate the angle of the sun).




I have chosen this photo of my object as an illustration of colour. I have used the softbox to emphasize the full colour on the side of the object and illuminated the face with an umbrella flash.


I have taken this photo in the late evening as the sun was setting and using a silver reflector to catch the last rays.


In addition I have chosen this photo which shows my object in unusual lighting. I have used off-camera flash with a grid attached to a “Gary Fong” lightsphere.



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