Exercise Light through the day (page 139)

A series of photographs of a landscape taken throughout the day

(I took a lot more photos than these but have not chosen the ones at hourly intervals as I have selected the ones which best illustrate the sun catching the scene. )

I think the best of the photos was the very first one just as the sun was rising. I particularly like the colour of the light at this time. As I know the view well and have often studied the light on the scene I thought at the time I took the photo it was going to be the best. Sometimes the evening sun is quite interesting on the church but never as good as in the morning when the angle of the sun catches the maximum amount on the church. Photo no 9 in mid afternoon has a good effect on the trees but not on the buildings.

Photo no 1 taken at 6.17 am

Photo no 2 taken at 7.26 amIMG_2628

Photo no 3 taken at  7.42 amIMG_2653

Photo no 4 taken at 7.45 am

Photo no 5 taken at 8.29 amIMG_2670

Photo no 6 taken at 8.31 amIMG_2674

Photo no 7 taken at 10.19 amIMG_2686

Photo no 8 taken at 1.20 pmIMG_2697

Photo no 9 taken at 3.23 pmIMG_2705

Photo no 10 taken at 7.00 pmIMG_2714

Photo no 11 taken at 7.08 pmIMG_2724

Photo no 12 taken at 7.47 pm

Photo no 13 taken at 7.49 pmIMG_2762

Photo no 14 taken at 8.26 pm

Photo no 15 taken at 11.02 pm


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