Photographic experiences in Cardiff

I wanted to visit the Impressionist Paintings at the National Museum of Wales  in Cardiff as I thought it would be helpful to my current assignment on “Light”.

On my visit to Cardiff I was pleasantly surprised by two other opportunities to view the works of photographers.

The first was a street exhibition by two local photographers, Faye Chamberlain and Robert Kennedy





The (English and Welsh) words that appear on the art panels seem to stand because of the subject contrast of the photos used to make up the words. I have just been reading about this in David Präkel’s book on Exposure (AVA academia Basics Photography 07 Exposure). On pages 32-33 he shows an example of reverse graffiti of an image comprised entirely of pressure-cleaned and dirty areas on subject reflecting different amounts of light. Präkel talks about where the “subject contrast is the difference between the lightest and darkest tones in an evenly subject”.

More explanation of the photographs:


I quote from Faye Chamberlain’s website (

Dazzle Cardiff (2012)

14x 8 feet x 4 feet photo-quality dibond panels

A collaboration with Robert Kennedy ( commissioned by Admiral Cardiff and Stoford. These two Cardiff based artists and 60 Admiral staff have worked alongside each other to create this unique public artwork. A series of photographs taken in Cardiff through the months of March and April 2012 are included in 14 art panels. These are erected on these hoardings around the development site of Admiral Head Office, Bridge Street, Cardiff.

These public artwork panels were designed and implemented by lead artists, Faye Chamberlain (Cardiff based artist / photographer) and Robert Kennedy (Cardiff based sculptor and sign writer). Sixty members of staff across a number of Admiral departments were invited to take part in six 4-hour walks to photograph our city. The photographic based artwork, focused entirely upon Cardiff through a journey – mapping Cardiff’s City Centre, Parks and Bay.

Each group, with guidance from Faye and Robert, produced thousands of images featuring Cardiff at this point in time. The work documents a myriad of perspectives – the present time in the city from the urban built environment to the surrounding green parks and waterfront location of the Bay.

In addition, fourteen words appear on the art panels. The text is a combination of Welsh and English and has been selected by the artists and Admiral to represent Cardiff and the people who live, work and play in the City.

‘Dazzle Cardiff’ art panels are made up of images produced by both the artists and Admiral staff participants and together form digitally ‘tiled’ mosaics across 14 large art panels. The images are an intriguing mix of something that can be seen and read at a distance and yet reveal a more complex perspective of the city at closer inspection.

The Admiral development at the heart of the city Centre is an opportunity for participants and viewers of the art panels to reflect upon the changing role of a city Centre and what people may bring to it.

The second opportunity also came as a complete surprise when I was taken by the window dressing of a Vivienne Westwood window which took me inside the shop to discover the works of another photographer Zenon Texeira.


The photographs were in a book which was on display. I asked the assistant permission to photograph and he also agreed to pose with the book. The  photographs were taken by Zenon Texeira on the world’s largest polaroid camera each measuring 50cm x 60cm. I believe the book was in a series of books entitled Vivienne Westwood Opus featuring friends and family dressed in her creations.



DSCF2603 DSCF2604 DSCF2605 DSCF2606 DSCF2607

From my research on google images I believe this to be the camera:

zenon texeira images

… and can be viewed better on this link:

Plaroid camera

Before finishing this blog entry I will add a couple of photos that I took at the National Museum of Wales which I thought made good use of low evening light that I would want to try to replicate in my photos:

Claude Monet
San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight


And from Camille Pissaro
Sunset, the Port of Rouen (Steamboats)

And finally (for a bit of fun and experimentation) I thought I would combine some of these experiences (museums, sepia, film grain)  in my own photo:



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