I have been reading the June edition of the British Journal of Photography. There is a major feature about age, and more specifically its correlation with the career-defining work produced by some of the greatest photographers of the last century. They asked photographers from 19 to 100 when they were at the height of their creativity, and how, as time progresses, they’ve kept their work fresh in the face of what Martin Parr describes as “probably the greatest taboo subject of all”- creative decline.

I hope in my case, as I have come to photography quite late on, that my best work will come some time in the future.

Quote from Lorenzo Vitturi in the magazine: “I don’t believe creativity is a matter of age. It is something that comes and goes – a vital and mysterious inner energy that needs to find the right channel”.

From Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin “It’s about slow, calculated thinking – the slower you are, the better you are”. I too feel I need time to contemplate what I a doing.

It’s fairly obvious that I should be attracted to Brian Griffin’s work as, at 65, he is the same age as me. He says that he’s making his best work now, driven by fear that one day it will all be over.


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