Exercise Colour relationships (page 112)

First part (3 photographs)

Red: green 1:1


Orange:blue 1:2


Yellow:violet 1:3


Second part (3 or 4 images)


These two colours (which are almost opposite on the colour circle) appeal to me and they work in this proportion of about 1:3


The violets and yellows (on opposite sides of the colour circle) work well against the green. “The persistent harmony of yellow and violet creates a calm feeling” – course notes.


The yellows and reds (almost opposites on the circle) go well against the green.: a mixture of primaries and secondary.


I like the solitary red tulip standing amongst the bed of bluebells: 2 primaries but in very different proportions. 

“Colour accent: the strength of the red is out of all proportion to the space it occupies. The colour accent demands attention and the relationship between red and green (and blue here) serves to intensify both colours” – course notes.


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