Photographers in magazines

I have enjoyed two articles about photographers in magazines recently. The first from the May edition of the RPS Journal (an excellent magazine) was about the Wakelin Bursary Winner for 2013, Oliver Woods, who documented the disastrous traffic congestion in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. When I was in India recently the thing I found myself wanting to photograph more and more was the traffic and the different means of traffic (which is all so different to what I am accustomed to). In order to do so I often had to photograph from within minibuses and buses, but sometimes just standing on the roadside.  I considered myself a bit weird doing this when there was so much else of a conventional nature to photograph. So, I was quite heartened to see a major documentary about “traffic”. One of Oliver Woods photos is of a £1 million + Rolls Royce getting bailed out in the major floods in January. He took this photo with an iPhone. Woods quotes “It just goes to show that the best camera is the one you have with you”.

My photo of a traffic scene in Darjeeling


And in Kolkata …


The second article that particularly captivated me was from The Economist’s “Intelligent Life” magazine (May/June edition). The article is entitled “Survivors” and is about the photographer Ian Winstanley who spent six months photographing weeds. I’m not particularly interested in the topic area but the composition of Winstanley’s photographs were superb and gave me lots of ideas for future photographs. I could particularly draw on what I have been studying about positioning a point, or several points, and the use of lines and curves.


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