Preparation for first exercise on Points (page 70)

“The point is the most fundamental design element. In a photograph, for a subject to qualify as a point it has to be small in the frame, and contrast, in some way, with its surroundings.” quote from Coursebook

Types of situation which would make a clear photograph of a point

Boat on sea

Bird on water

Bird in sky

Plane in sky

Balloon in sky

People in remote scenes ie field or in a large building (church) or stadium or beach

Building in remote scene

Statue/ monument in park or public place

Flowers, plants, trees isolated in their environment e.g. Tree in field

Paintings/ works of art on a wall

Skier on snow scene

Examples 6-12


The couple embracing (bottom right) seem a fairly strong point in this photo


The Red Arrow is the only point here


Points in formation


Two points – both balloons near and far.


Two points – the surf board and the life guard


The one point (boy) in foreground


Two points – both skiers near and far


One point – the yellow flower amongst all the green


The lighthouse stands out as a point


The balloon is the point


Much clearer point with this balloon


The bee is the point (bottom right) amongst all the pink.

I have positioned the point (the downhill skier) near to the edge in the bottom right of the picture. I feel the viewer will pick this up in the foreground and will be taken down the line of the piste and into the valley and then beyond to the mountain scene.


The main point (the large green balloon) is off centre and again picks the viewer up and leads into the rest of the scene. The dot of a balloon in the background shows the direction and the movement of the large balloon.



The tobogganist is the point in this scene. He is just off centre but there is real movement here provided by the trail behind and the space in front. I feel that if the tobogganist had been too far too the right I would have lost the sense of speed.


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