Exercise: A sequence of composition no 1


This sequence is of people at an exhibition of patchwork and quilting. In fact it is of two different exhibitions held on the same day in nearby locations. I was very limited in that the exhibitions were indoors and I wasn’t able to use flash. I also felt I had to be very sensitive about taking photographs. I set about the project by taking photos of the exhibits and then taking shots of people as the opportunity arose.

The first photo represented one way in which people reacted to the exhibits i.e. taking pictures of the exhibits.

I then looked for a different angle. Here, in picture 2, a number of people were simply reflecting on the exhibits.

In picture 3 one of the guides was engaging a young boy in the exhibits.

Picture 4 was one of the exhibitors explaining a technique.

Picture 5 was again someone taking a photo – this time I wanted to show a wider aspect and didn’t want to repeat the view I had ( from behind) of the first photographer.

Picture 6 shows people inter-reacting with each other ( either discussing exhibits or heir world of patch working).

In picture 7 I wanted to show more of the venue such as the height of the room and the fact there was daylight feeding on to exhibits ( the backlighting presented some problems).

Pictures 8 and 9 show the extent of the venue.

Picture 10 showed that there were refreshments available and the framing presented an interesting angle.

Picture 11 was another technique of trying to photograph a visitor without confronting them directly with the camera.

Picture 12 was the first of the second venue. Here I managed to photograph the visitor fully engrossed with the exhibit.

In picture 13 one of the viewers was also completing a quiz.

Again in picture 14 I was able to stand back and get a wide angle which also included a separate room which was being used for refreshments.

I was going to try to photograph the refreshment room next (and participate) but there was an opportunity to get photos of exhibits and without intruding too much on the viewers (pictures 15-17).

18 and 19 were of the teas being served and 20 whilst sitting quietly in the tea room.

In picture 21 I was able to photograph two exhibitors /guides as I perused their work. I wasn’t too sure how this would work against the light if the window.

22 and 23 presented more opportunities to photograph viewers with the pretence of photographing the exhibits and 24 I w able to group the two ladies chatting as I held the camera high.

In 25 I commented on one of the exhibits and was able to photograph with a wide angle.

Photos 26 to 28 were taken from a low angle so as bit to draw attention to myself.

The last photo was taken as I left the exhibition and again with a wide angle to be able to shoot exhibits and organisers together.

The use of a small camera and one with a wide angle was paramount in taking these photos without causing embarrassment.


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