Exercise: Balance (page 54)


I have tried to create balance in this photo of Dunster Memorial Hall by the symmetry of the windows and the timber frame and with the clock sitting in the middle as a sort of fulcrum.

Sketch 2013-02-27 11_34_20


In this photo I have taken the two piles of books to give the balance and this is supported by the two feet balanced evenly.

Sketch 2


The (unbalanced) scales at the bottom of this photo are balanced in a different sort of way with the narrow sword disappearing into the sky.

sketch 3

I have provided balance in this photo with the two sets of windows which, although not symmetrical in themselves, give the whole photo balance.

sketch 4


I have used the symmetry of the building (placed centrally in the photo) to create balance.

sketch 5


In this photo I have tried to create balance in a very different sort of way: I have framed the walkers in the distance (in focus) in juxtaposition to the gull (out of focus) in the foreground.

sketch 6


I have tried to use dark and light to balance this photo – the swathe of the flat green building (dark) balances the bright terraced housing (light).
sketch 7


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