Exercise: Positioning the horizon (page 56)

Series of photos with horizon ranged from top to bottom:


With the horizon placed high in the photo the eye is drawn more to the texture of the foreground and the different types of vegetation.


As the horizon drops the eye is drawn to the distance but only marginally.


I find my eye is drawn away from the foreground to the second hill but the sky is still not a major factor in this image.


Now there is more sky I find myself not only looking at the sky but at the sea too.


The eye is now drawn much more to the sky but as the sky is not particularly interesting this photo is not particularly absorbing.


I find this photo the least satisfying as the sky is such a major part of the image but not at all interesting.

I prefer the top photo as the most interesting aspect of the photo for me is the coastline which is quite special for its texture and the way in which the land dips into the sea. All of this is emphasised by having the horizon high in the picture.


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