Freeman, Michael (2011) The photographer’s eye (Kindle edition)

Hunter Biver Fuqua (2012) Light – science and magic (Kindle edition)

Clarke, Graham (1997) The photograph

Barnbaum, Bruce The Art of Photography An Approach to Personal Expression 1994 5th edition updated October 2012 (Kindle edition)

Freeman, Michael (2008) mastering Digital Photography

Freeman, Michael with Gary Eastwood (2012) Michael Freeman’s Photo School Portrait

Peterson, Bryan (2010) 3rd Edition Understanding Exposure

Landscape Photographer of the Year Collection 01 (2007)

Man Ray (preparation to visit exhibition at National Portrait Gallery)

Angus McBean – another surrealist photographer who photographed the cover to The Beatles Please Please Me album

Kelby, Scott (2012) The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers

Kelby, Scott (2011) The Digital Photography Book Volumes 1-4

Hockman, Stephen (2013) Mastering Composition in Digital Photography (kindle Edition)

Sadgrove, Kit (2013) Street Photography The Complete Guide (Kindle edition)

Photographers, Street – (2012) Street Photographers (Kindle edition)

The Royal Photographic Society PORTFOLIOONE 2007

The Royal Photographic Society PORTFOLIOTWO 2010

Freeman, Michael (2010) The photographer’s mind

Freeman, Michael (2012) The photographer’s story (Kindle edition)

Photofile (1989) Brassai – Introduction by Roger Grenier

Campany, David (2003)  Art and Photography

Pepper, Terence (2013) Man Ray Portraits

Freeman, Michael (2012) Michael Freeman’s Photo School Portrait

Badger, Gerry (2007)   The Genius of Photography How photography has changed our lives

Angier, Roswell (2007) Train Your Gaze: A Practical And Theoretical Introduction toPortrait Photography

Schewe, Jeff (2013) The Digital Negative: Raw Image Processing in Lightroom and Camera Raw and Photoshop

Freeman, Michael (2009) Perfect Exposure: The Professional Guide to Capturing Perfect Digital Photographs (Kindle Edition)

Freeman, Michael (2010) 101 Top Digital Photography Tips (Kindle Edition)


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